How Virtual Data Centres Transform IT's Ability to Add Value

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This White Paper

  • Explores the growing potential of cloud-based IT infrastructure services for alleviating the biggest challenges facing IT managers today
  • Addressses concerns with moving infrastructure services to the cloud
  • Looks at how to future-proof the role of the Infrastructure Manager as assets are moved into the cloud

Transforming infrastructure efficiency is a necessity for IT departments, but it is easier said than done. Without new ways of provisioning core systems, infrastructure managers will always be spending the bulk of their time – and their budget - fire-fighting, instead of adding the value needed by the business as it strives to become more agile, responsive and productive.


So what is the answer to delivering the flexibility that is now required, in a sufficiently timely fashion - lowering overheads but without compromising security, availability or compliance? However innovative the initiatives being implemented, the scope for transformation will continue to be limited as long as resources are kept within the boundaries of the organisation.


This paper is for Infrastructure Managers or any person who has a vested interest in ensuring their organisation's IT is future-proofed.



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